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This site displays mempool statistics. For example the current mempool and historical mempool of my node are shown. The idea is to provide information about the current mempool state to a bitcoin user with a seemingly stuck and longtime-unconfirmed transaction. Additionally the site can be used for double checking feerate estimates before transacting. The current site is v2, which I build in spring 2019 as a complete remake from v1 I build in mid 2017. Read more about the project’s history. logo

This site allows users to check the fee efficiency of one of their transactions. I’ve build this together with @ziggamon (CEO at Bitrefill) in 2018 when only few exchanges and services made use of payment batching and spend SegWit outputs. On various metrics about Bitcoin transactions, payments and feerates per day are shown to track the adoption of payment batching and SegWit.

I’ve written about efficiently quering the bitcoin feerates per block and why it’s not as easy as it sounds in Plotting the Bitcoin Feerate Distribution.

In addition to that has been featured on Bitcoin’s median transaction fee lowest since 2011 — nearing BCH.


A Go package that deserializes bitcoin mempool mempool.dat files.


A c-lightning plugin to export all payments made with a c-lightning node to a csv file.

Screenshot of the plugin in action

A site to play Pokémon via the Lightning Network build by @sputn1ck and me in June 2018. Pressing the buttons of the GameBoy SVG would generate a lightning invoice. Paying that invoice would then send the pressed button to the game and the payer could see their action over the Twitch stream. The site not longer up, but a bit can still be seen on

lnplays screenshot