Sunday, June 27, 2021

My experimental bitcoind-observer tool is a Bitcoin Core Prometheus metrics exporter utilizing and demonstrating the newly added tracepoints in Bitcoin Core.

The idea for a Bitcoin Core Prometheus metrics exporter based on the new tracepoints originated in a discussion on potential tracepoints between jb55 and laanwj in the Bitcoin Core issue 20981. Similar tools exist, for example, Jameson Lopp’s website However, one downside with Statoshi is the patch-set that has to be rebased with every release. This can be cumbersome work if there are, for example, refactors in Bitcoin Core.

jb55: I was looking at this a long time ago. In theory you could get the same functionality as statoshi (stats gathering via prometheus) with Would be an interesting project. source
laanwj: I agree! This would be my preferred way to do this kind of reporting, to be honest. It'd flexible and built into the operating system. It has low impact on the code and low impact on performance. It could potentially work for all software.

One reason Statoshi never got merged is because it's just too much hassle to integrate and maintain a Bitcoin Core specific framework for this. Not because it's not a great thing to have. source

The tracepoints in Bitcoin Core have a semi-stable API. Upgrading applications that utilize the tracepoints to a new Bitcoin Core release should be easy. The tracepoints are flexible enough that we don’t instrument Bitcoin Core with an additional interface for a single application. The tracepoints can be used in debugging, review, for education about internals, monitoring, and data collection in small and large projects.

The bitcoind-observer tool attaches to multiple tracepoints in Bitcoin Core and transforms the tracepoint arguments to Prometheus metrics. It uses the bcc (BPF compiler collection) Rust crate to interact with BPF. For me, it also serves as a test bed for working with the tracepoints in Rust and for evaluating newly proposed tracepoints.

I’ve used the bitcoind-observer to provide feedback to Gleb for his work on Erlay by measuring the bandwidth consumption between erlay and non-erlay nodes. My measurements match Glebs calculations showing that we can archive the hoped bandwidth savings in this specific setup.

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June 28, 2021

Summer of Bitcoin 2021

This is a placeholder for the Summer of Bitcoin mentoring I did. I plan to fill this in, once I get the time to do so.


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May 6, 2021

miningpool-observer: Observing Bitcoin Mining Pools

My miningpool-observer project aims to bring transparency to mining pool transaction selection. The tool can detect missing and extra transactions in blocks. One goal is to detect censorship by mining pools.