Timeline: Historical events in the development of Bitcoin

Sunday, August 4, 2019

To fully understand the rationale behind the current state of Bitcoin development, knowledge about historical events is essential. I created an open-source project containing the data for a timeline of historical developments in Bitcoin. Most data points are adopted from a talk John Newbery gave on the History and Philosophy of Bitcoin Development. I’ve used this timeline in my blog post The Incomplete History of Bitcoin Development.

This timeline based on an open-source project called bitcoin-development-history. If you have a suggestion about something missing or want to propose a change, please open an issue there.

All text and images in this work are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Creative Commons License


Image for rawtx library

September 28, 2019

rawtx library

The rawtx Golang module helps you (and me) to answer questions about raw Bitcoin transactions, their inputs, outputs, and scripts. I use the rawtx package for example in my Bitcoin Transaction Monitor and transactionfee.info projects.


Image for mempool.observer (2019 version)

June 1, 2019

mempool.observer (2019 version)

The mempool.observer website displays visualizations about my Bitcoin mempool. For example, a visualization of my current mempool and the historical mempool of my node is shown. The idea is to provide information about the current mempool state to a Bitcoin user with a seemingly stuck and longtime-unconfirmed transaction. Additionally, the site can be used for double-checking feerate estimates before sending a transaction.