c-lightning plugin: csvexportpays

Saturday, March 2, 2019

A toy plugin for c-lightning to export all payments made with a c-lightning node to a .csv file. I build this a few days after Blockstream released the plugin support in c-lightning v0.7 to showcase how simple it is to build plugins.

Source on GitHub
Screenshot of the plugin in action
screenshot of the plugin in action
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Image for mempool-dat

May 16, 2019


A Golang package that can deserialize Bitcoin Core’s mempool.dat files. This is a toy project. I developed this to learn more about Golang and the mempool.dat file format by Bitcoin Core.


Image for lnplays.com

June 23, 2018


Konstantin Nick (@sputn1ck) and I build lnplays.com for the Lighting Hackday in June 2018. You could play Pokémon via the Lightning Network build. Pressing the buttons of the GameBoy to move the player and to interact with the world would generate a lightning invoice. Paying that invoice would send the pressed button to the game-backend and the user could see the action over the live stream. The site not longer up, but parts of it can still be seen on archive.org.