(2019 version)

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The website displays visualizations about my Bitcoin mempool. For example, a visualization of my current mempool and the historical mempool of my node is shown. The idea is to provide information about the current mempool state to a Bitcoin user with a seemingly stuck and longtime-unconfirmed transaction. Additionally, the site can be used for double-checking feerate estimates before sending a transaction. logo

I started working on the 2019 version in April 2019. The 2019 version is a full rewrite of - only the idea and license remained. The goal is to offer way more than the 2017 version did, but built on a foundation with performance and maintainability in mind as this was a problem in the 2017 version. Timothy Lim @timothyylim helped out by contributing to the frontend.

current mempool card on
Screenshot: current mempool (on a sunday morning) Source Code on GitHub

In October 2020 I released the Bitcoin Transaction Monitor as a sub-project of This project is tracked on its own page.

historical mempool card on
Screenshot: The mempool over the last two hours
recent blocks card on
Screenshot: recent blocks and the time between them

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Image for Timeline: Historical events in the development of Bitcoin

August 4, 2019

Timeline: Historical events in the development of Bitcoin

To fully understand the rationale behind the current state of Bitcoin development, knowledge about historical events is essential. I created an open-source project containing the data for a timeline of historical developments in Bitcoin. Most data points are adopted from a talk John Newbery gave on the History and Philosophy of Bitcoin Development. I’ve used this timeline in my blog post The Incomplete History of Bitcoin Development.


Image for mempool-dat

May 16, 2019


A Golang package that can deserialize Bitcoin Core’s mempool.dat files. This is a toy project. I developed this to learn more about Golang and the mempool.dat file format by Bitcoin Core.