P2P monitoring

Monday, February 28, 2022

I presented my planned P2P monitoring project to the CoreDev attendees.

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May 8, 2022

Monitoring Bitcoin mining pool transaction selection

Can we detect transaction censorship by mining pools on the Bitcoin network? I spoke at the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022 about mining pool transaction selection, my miningpool-observer project, and observed extra, missing, and conflicting transactions between my block templates and the blocks mined by pools. I conclude that we can detect large scale transcation censorship by but haven’t seen any concrete evidence for censorship attempts yet. video (YouTube) slides (RevealJS) slides (PDF)


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December 29, 2021

Bitcoin Core PR Review Club: #20827

I’ve prepared and moderated a Bitcoin Core PR review club meeting on luke-jr’s PR #20827: During IBD, prune as much as possible until we get close to where we will eventually keep blocks. This is an potential IBD speed-up for pruned nodes. Bitcoin Core PR Review Club on #20827