FFM BTC Meetup: New features in Bitcoin Core v26.0

Thursday, October 19, 2023

The upcoming Bitcoin Core v26.0 release will include new experimental features like AssumeUTXO and P2P transport v2.

At the Frankfurt Bitcoin Meetup (German), I explained the Bitcoin Core development process, that for this release cycle contributors focused their review on specific projects, and when to expect the new release (after testing, where everyone can participate!). Then dove into the problems that AssumeUTXO and P2P transport provide solutions for and what these solutions are. This was followed by a small discussion.

No slides.

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Image for Workshop: Writing a NixOS module for YOUR_APP

October 7, 2023

Workshop: Writing a NixOS module for YOUR_APP

I held a workshop about “Writing a NixOS module for YOUR_APP”. Workshop Slides (reveal-js) Stream (360p)